Neighborhood Council Community Beautification Program


CD#2 Neighborhood Council Community Beautification Program

NCCIG is a matching grant awarded to Neighborhood Councils located within the boundaries of Los Angeles City Council District #2 to fund neighborhood beautification projects.

Grants are made possible through discretionary funds from CD #2 to provide Neighborhood Councils within the district with City resources for community-driven projects that enhance and strengthen their neighborhoods. All projects are initiated, planned and implemented by community members in partnership with the Council Office. Every award is matched by neighborhoods’ or communities’ resources of volunteer labor, donated materials, donated professional services or cash.

Who Should Apply: Neighborhood Councils within CD #2 (Greater Valley Glen, Mid-Town North Hollywood, North Hollywood Northeast; North Hollywood West, Studio City; Sun Valley; Valley Village; and Van Nuys) who want to do a project within CD2 boundaries to build stronger connections in their neighborhood.

We encourage Neighborhood Councils to partner with other organizations within their target area, such as Neighborhood Watch groups, schools and community-based organizations.

What type of projects will be funded? Proposals should be for physical improvements, including landscaping projects, neighborhood markers, tree plantings, benches, planters, curb cuts, signs, trash receptacles, murals, art, etc.  Projects must be visible, provide a public benefit and be located in places such as street medians, parkways, walls visible to the public and municipal property.  Permission must be obtained in advance by the property owner before funds will be granted. Additional review may also be required by City staff, including the Office of the City Attorney prior to granting approvals.

Funding:  Each Neighborhood Council may apply for multiple projects; however the total dollar amount requested for all projects may not exceed $10,000 per Neighborhood Council, per fiscal year. All projects must be completed before any additional applications are accepted for the following fiscal year. Funds will be disbursed upon meeting all required written authorizations through the Department Of Neighborhood Empowerment. Project applications will be accepted beginning January 2014.

Funds may be used for: Professional Services directly related to the implementation of the project; materials & supplies; equipment rental and/or purchase of tools.

The match: The grant requires that a valid match is contributed through the Neighborhood Council in the form of payment for materials & services from their appropriated funds.

Review Criteria: Applications will be rated on the following criteria: Realistic budget; appropriate match; timeline to complete project; maintenance plan secured; project provides public benefit, property owner permission secured; project is realistic.

Notification: Funding notification will be within three weeks of application submission.  Notification may be accompanied by contingencies that must be met prior to accessing funds.

Application Submittal: When completed, email the attached application to Jackie Keene via

Download a copy of the application here, NC Beautification Grants Application, or below:

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