Safe Routes Grant Approved

LOS ANGELES - The California Dept. of Transportation recently announced [.pdf] a slew of grants to help improve pedestrian safety near schools throughout the state, including two projects in Council District 2.
One project, for which Councilmember Paul Krekorian’s office applied and worked with state and local officials to bring to fruition, is in North Hollywood and will fund nearly $500,000 for a series of improvements on Archwood Street that will benefit Bellingham Primary Center and Roy Romer Middle School. Crews will construct sidewalks, curbs and gutters, curbs, as well as speed humps and signs. 
The other project in Council District 2 is in Van Nuys and will benefit Van Nuys Elementary School. The $500,000 project will install road diets, speed humps, and safety lighting, as well as crosswalk upgrades. 
"Every day, thousands of students walk and bike to and from Bellingham Primary Center, Roy Romer Middle School and Van Nuys Elementary School," Councilmember Krekorian said. "This award of a million dollar in Safe Routes to School grants will now make that journey much safer for these students and their families. 
"After more than a year of sustained efforts by my office and others to secure this funding, we will soon be able to construct new sidewalks and curbs, install signage, lay new speed humps and more to protect students and the neighbors who live and work near those schools. 
"Pedestrian safety has always been one of my top priorities throughout my service in the Council and in the Legislature, and I am very pleased that these state grants will now fund these vital projects in my district. At a time when public funding at all levels of government is being cut so severely, I am very proud that my office succeeded, through hard work and creativity, in finding alternative funding for these important public safety measures to benefit the children of the Valley."
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